Email Marketing

Communicating with your customer is essential for any successful business in today’s technological world. Although necessary, by no means is it easy to reach existing clients and potential clients without expert help. RRG Web Development offers expertise in email marketing strategies. Using rich graphics, interactive multimedia and sign up emails, we gain the attention of your base without ending up on spam or blocked lists. RRG Wed Development¬† will assist your business with marketing strategy, template design, website integration and sending newsletters in order to solidify a strong client base who are looking to hear from your business.

Small/Standard HTML site, Blog or CMS: $600
Medium to Large Standard HTML site, Medium Blog, Dynamic website or CMS: $1000
Large Dynamic Website or CMS: $1500

Key terms:
IP = Internet Protocol
Domain= Ex: Our domain is:
CMS = Content Management System
HTML = Hyper Text Markup Language

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