Basic HTML Site

Setup your website with a starter package. Already have a design? RRG Web Development will implement the design and get your site up and running quickly. Starting from scratch? RRG Web Development offers expert designers as well as programmers so we can design and build your HTML website.

HTML site with existing design $600
New HTML site with design and build $1500

Key terms:
VPS = Virtual Private Server (dedicated bandwidth for a fast loading website, no matter what time of day or traffic on site)
SSL = Secure Socket Layer (used in email to provide you guaranteed security and authentication)
mb = megabytes
gb = gigabytes (1gb = 1,000mb)
py = per year
hr = RRG Web Development hours (can be used for any services RRG Web Development offers. Save up to 50% compared to billing as needed)
HTML = Hyper Text Markup Language
Included =  Host with RRG Web Development and the 1st year is free
MySQL = Database

Questions? We’re here to help.
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