Basic Search Engine Optimization

With basic search engine optimization RRG Web Development can work with your existing website fine tuning page titles, keywords, tags, copy and content. These adjustments will move your site closer to the top of the search engines. We evaluate your web presence analyzing search bots and crawlers as they see your business and index your site. We will integrate universal search terms as they apply to your business or blog, and ensure those terms are present in your website. A complete maintenance check of your code and site will be performed by RRG Web Development guaranteeing the site is running correctly and proficiently being served to your clients as fast as possible.

Small/Standard HTML site or CMS: $800
Medium Dynamic sites, CMS or Large HTML site:$1,200
Large/Dynamic site or CMS: $1,800

Key Terms:
CMS = Content Management System
HTML = Hyper Text Markup Language

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