RRGWebDev Portfolio

RRG Web Development Portfolio

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  • RRG Web Dev VPS Vs Godaddy Shared Server

    RRG Web Development VPS server loading time comparison. RRGWEBDEV VPS server in left window. Go Daddy shared server in right window. Both windows are a mirror image of same website. Godaddy was given a 2 second head start on all side by side comparisons. Both Front-end and back-end CMS loading time was tested. There is […]

  • RRG Wedding Photography

    RRG Wedding Photography wanted a website that was elegant, but simple that showcased their Photography work. Minimal copy, but copy was important to help in Search Engine Optimization. It was essential the site have no Macromedia Flash, but utilized java script to reach tablet and smart phone users providing a rich user experience with photography. […]

  • RRG Photography | Architecture Photography

    RRG Photography Architecture double sided mailer was designed to fit in a standard 4×9 envelope. One side 4/4 color on 100# glossy cover, the flip side black and white with more detailed contact information.

  • The Brownstone

    The Brownstone condominium association wanted to showcase their uniquely elegant building with an equally divine location in the Gold Coast neighborhood of Chicago. With stiff competition in the restate market and falling values, The Brownstone wanted to control the little and often incorrect information available to the general public about 1440 North State Parkway. Photography […]

  • David Molinaro | Artist

    RRG Web Development built an E-Commerce Content Management System (CMS) with a unique expanding and contracting navigation. Minimal design elements were used to keep the focus on the art work. Prospective buyers can purchase art seamlessly with a shopping cart tool managed by the CMS. After initial setup, the client can add new pieces of […]

  • Windy City Payroll

    Windy City Payroll had no website, but knew they needed one in order to be successful. RRG Web Development created a Content Management System (CMS) that is honed for Search Engine Optimization to put Windy City Payroll at the top of search engine list’s. The client wanted to attract new customers with an easy to […]

  • Robert R Gigliotti Photography

    RRG Photography required a website that showcased photography that was expandable and could handle 1000’s of images. It was essential that the site was visible on all devices, including smart phones and tablets. A java script visual photo navigation system was integrated to auto play for any user, no matter how tech savoy.  There is […]

  • Burke Futures Group LLC

    Burke Futures Group wanted a website and business cards that looked professional on a shoestring budget stepping above the competition. Search Engine Optimization was key due to the common name. Multiple contact forms with varied levels of detail are embedded into the site. Equally important was 100% usability across all internet connected devices. RRG Web […]

  • Nia Restaurant

    Nia Restaurant needed to upgrade their website from a static HTML site to a dynamic website. RRG Web Development built a site that was simple enough for the client to update on their own keeping the site accurate and current. Search Engine Optimization was also extremely important to bring guests and customers to the website […]

  • RRG Photography | Landscape Architecture

    RRG Photography Landscape Architecture double sided mailer was designed to fit in a standard 4×9 envelope. One side 4/4 color on 100# glossy cover, the flip side black and white with more detailed contact information.

  • The Chalkboard Pre-School

    Chalkboard Preschool previously had a dated basic HTML site. Chalkboard wanted to “go green” by adding curriculum PDF downloads parents could print on their own as needed. As well, Chalkboard wanted to create a virtual platform for parents and teachers via posting comments or questions on their site. RRG Web Development built a reliable site […]

  • Temillas Skin Care

    Temilla’s Skin Care had an existing web design and no website. They needed a site and needed it on a budget. The basic HTML site was created while developing their business. The site was manually updated to host new products, client reviews and photography. RRG Web Development currently hosts the site and a new Temilla’s […]

  • The Brownstone | Leaflet

    The Brownstone Leaflet of 1440 North State Parkway was designed in-conjunction with The Brownstone’s website. The leaflet was meant to compliment the website with only the most important photos and copy included. Designed to fit into a 6.5″x9.5″ envelope to be mailed or easily carried away, this size allows it to stand out from a […]

  • RRG Photography

    RRG Photography for children double sided mailer was designed to fit in a standard 4×9 envelope as well as in a table tent. One side 4/4 color on 100# glossy cover, the flip side black and white with more detailed contact information.

  • Jubilee Juice & Grill

    Jubilee Juice and Grill previously had a static HTML page directing visitors to call to order. RRG Web Development created an Content Management System (CMS) that the client could use to make updates, blog, accept orders on-line and for customers to download and print a PDF menu. Jubilee Juice needed a bright and fun look […]

  • Royal London Asset Managment

    The Royal London Asset Management (RLAM) was about to launch a new website. RLAM’s marketing agency, Concep, contacted RRG Photography looking for compelling black and white photography to align with RLAM’s new slogan “See things differently.” Three alternating 620px x 350px photos were licensed for use on the main RLAM landing page.